Forsthoff-DB Overlap Welder


The Forsthoff-DB automatic welding machine is a very powerful device for the welding of 50 mm tapes. The automatic hot air welding machine provides a heat output of 4000 W, 230 VAC, which is continuously adjustable (electronically) up to 700 °C. The drive unit is equipped with a strong motor and a heavy housing, which guarantees a speedy drive and a strong contact pressure. The device starts automatically after the welding head pivots. In addition, the housing of the automatic welding machine is bedded through a three-point bearing, which compensates for small unevennesses of the welding base. It is supported by the weight of the Forsthoff-DB automatic welding machine, which is integrated in the housing of the automatic welding machine.

The Forsthoff-DB reliably welds tapes with a width of 50 mm. The strong hot air fan in the Forsthoff Tube design produces air power of 600 l/min. The heat shield enhances the unwinding unit of the Forsthoff-DB automatic welding machine and prevents heating and deformation of the tape reel.

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F1086DB FORSTHOFF-B Welder (for Welding Tapes with 50-mm Nozzle)


Voltage: 230V, 50/60 Hz 
4000 Watts, 50mm
Temperature: 68 - 1290°F (20 - 700°C) infinitely variable
Dimensions: 21 L x 29 H x 15 W inches (without guide handle)
Weight: 68 lbs with 23' connection cable, incl. weight and handle grip