Automatic Welders

imageForsthoff has produced overlap welders for over 25 years. For all your automatic welding needs, Forsthoff provides affordable and quality solutions. Our 230V P2 is effective in tent, tarpaulin, banner and industrial fabric projects.

The P2 120V or 230V automatic Roof Welding machine comes with weights and wheeled carrying case. The 120V model is compact and uses convenient 20 Amp "household" power. It can also run on a small 3000W generator if needed.

Our 4000W Forsthoff-D is used for welding heavy thermoplastic canvases and foils. The Forsthoff-F is perfect for floor welding. The 4000W Forsthoff-DB automatic welding machine is a very powerful device for the welding of 50 mm tapes.