Auto-Welder Accessories

Replacement Blowers:
F1125 L-Blower 230V
F1125T Tube-Blower 230V
F1049TN Tube-Blower 120V

Heating Elements:
F3057 3300W 230V for F1125 L-Blower
F3058 3500W 230V for F1125 L-Blower
F3059 4000W 230V for F1125 L-Blower
F3066 2200W 120V for F1049TN
F3070L 2 X 1700W (3400W) 230V 30mm F1125T Tube Blower
F3071L 2 X 2000W (4000W) 230V 40mm F1125T Tube Blower
F9136 Carbon Brush Set for Blower
F1091P2 Tape Welding Kit 50mm and set of weights
F11300 Orange Silicone Ring for 45mm Overlap Welder
F302118 Wheeled Case
F2000 20 pound weights for Forsthoff P2 Roofing Welder
F11242P2 Center Weights for Forsthoff P2
Nozzles for Auto Welders:
F1116P2 20mm Overlap Nozzle for P2 and D
F12900P2 30mm Overlap Nozzle for P2 and D
F12910P2M 40mm Overlap Nozzle for P2 and D
F1117P2 45mm Overlap Nozzle for P2 and D