T4002 20mm flat

T4003 40mm flat

F4008 Soldering nozzle 10mm round

Flat nozzles
T4800 80mm

F4004 40mm perforated

Shrinking nozzles
15mm round
F4006 20x5mm

F5016 Shrinking Reflector

T4060 60° angle
FX402 90° angle

Speed Welding Nozzles Push-on for F4000

F4000 5mm round adaptor for push-on speed tips
Round tips
F5010 3mm
F5011 4mm
F5012 5mm

Triangular Tips
for 1/8 rod
F5001 for 5/32 rod
F5014 for 3/16 rod

F5015 Tacking Tip

Speed Welding Nozzles Threaded for F4007 (M10)

M10 Adapter
Round Tips
F5006 4mm
F5007 5mm

Triangular Tips
for 1/8 rod
F5003 for 5/32 rod
F5009 for 3/16 rod
F5004 Tacking tip
F5017 Tacking tip hooked

Pressure Rollers

T6997 45mm 1-axle

F6995 45mm 1-axle angled 45° (pat.)

F6998 45mm 2-axle

F6996 80mm 2-axles

F7005 5mm roller for round rod

F7009 9mm custom seal pressure roller

E5032 Roller with padded handle and tester

E5029 Roller with padded handle

E5200 Wrist-Saver Pressure roller


F7010 Quarter-moon knife T7011 Groover
T7016 V-grooving blades (5)
F9136 Carbon brush set F5021 Weld seam slide (for use with quarter-moon knife) E21120 Seam tester 8"(L) Folds in handle when closed
E21031 7" (L) 1/4" (dia.) x 3¼" hook wood handle F7012 Forsthoff metal carrying case TB101 Red metal carrying case