Hot Air SE Welder

image This powerful tool has extremely high heating capabilities for welding roofing membranes, sealing waste dump and pond geomembranes and fabricating heavy duty tarpaulins. Used by the automotive industry to dry out filler and to activate plastic parts. Available in either 2200 W or 3000 W versions with temperature electronically controlled from 20 to 700°C (68 to 1290°F). After use, its cooling feature cools the unit and allows the temperature setting to remain unchanged. This is a robustly designed and efficient tool widely used in industrial applications. A full line of accessories for heavy duty welding of sheeting and tarps is available.

Some of its applications include: Roofing Industry, Waste Dump Sheeting, Pond Sheeting, Heavy Duty Tarpaulins, Automotive Industry.

230 V Model F1045S Hot Air SE (Electronic) 3000 Watts.

120 V Model F0150S Hot Air SE (Electronic) 2200 Watts.


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Specifications: Download our Specifications Sheet Here.

Voltage 120 V, 60 Hz
230 V, 60 Hz
Power Used 2200 W @120 VAC
3000 W @ 230 VAC
Weight 2 lbs. 11 oz.
Cable 9 feet 10 in. (9'10")
Double Insulated