GRAND-L (Non Electronic)

image This hot air blower can be hand held or built into a machine for continuous operation. For use wherever hot air is needed for warming, heating, forming, shrinking or activation. Air flow rate of 450 liter/minute depending on the nozzle used. Variable temperature from room temperature to 650°C (1200°F). Brushes are easily changed from the outside without opening the tool. For the painting and decorating industry, the wide slot push-on nozzle removes old paint and varnish easily.

Model F1030 Grand-L Non-Electronic w/3-Heat Settings (2600 W, 230 V)

Model F3051 Heating Element 230V 2600W

Model F3050 Heating Element 230V 3000W


  • › F4021 150 x 1mm Wide Slot Nozzle
  • › F4022 150 x 10mm Wide Slot Nozzle
  • › F4030 70 x 10mm Wide Slot Nozzle
  • › F4031 70 x 4mm Wide Slot Nozzle
  • › F7012 Metal Carrying Case


Voltage 120 V, 50 Hz
230 V, 60 Hz
Heating Capacity 2600 Watts, 120V
3000 Watts, 230V
Temperature Variable from 20 to 650°C electronically controlled
Weight 2 lbs. 11 oz.
Cable 9 feet 10 in. (9'10")
Double Insulated