Type 7500 Hot Air Tool

image Features: Suitable for installation in machines, heating ducts, on conveyor lines, or in apparatus because of its robust and compact design. Heating capacity electronically controlled and infinitely variable. Available in 5000W or 7500W version- also available without electronics. Maximum temperature 700°C (1290°F). Operates with external air supply. Virtually no maintenance. Suitable for continuous duty. Wide slot nozzles up to 300mm are available to adapt the air flow to the individual application. See our list of accessories here. See our brochure on this item here.



Heating Capacity:

230-240 V
380-440 V
5000 W - 230-240 V
5000 W - 380-440 V
7500 W - 380-440 V
Dimensions: Length 310 mm, width 110 mm, height 112 mm
Weight: 2.379 kg
Model F6000 230-240 V, 5000 Watt, Type 7500
Model F6002 380-440 V, 5000 Watt, Type 7500
Model F6004 380-440 V, 7500 Watt, Type 7500