Type 3000E Hot Air Tools


The 300E features: Electronically control infinite heat settings in 120V, 230V or 380V, single phase, Heating Capacity 3000W for a maximum temperature of 700°C (1290°F), Requires external air supply, Suitable for continuous duty, Used on conveying systems, in machines, in heating ducts and in various apparatus. Push-on nozzles available for various applications. See our list of accessories here. See our brochure here.

Heating Elements

120 V, 230 V or 380 V
Type 3000E
(electronically controlled):
1900 Watt, 120V
3000 Watt, 380V
1.000 kg
Length: 250mm, Diameter: 98mm, Height: 100mm
Model F1072 Type 3000E 230 V, 3000 W Hot Air Tool (electronically controlled)
Model F1074 Type 3000E 380 V, 3000 W Hot Air Tool (electronically controlled)
Model F1076 Type 3000E 120 V, 1900 W Hot Air Tool (electronically controlled)